Injection molding

Technical thermoplastics


Almost all kind of thermoplastics are processed at our production site. Reinforced plastics are also used according to the requirements profile. If necessary, colorants and additives are added to the plastics.


Our expertise lies in the field of high-temperature plastics such as PEEK, PEI or PSU. When it comes to products that require the specific properties of polymer materials even at high continuous temperatures, DIHSE is the right partner.


For the portfolio of standard components, we use PE, PP, PA, ABS, PEEK and PEI, among others.
Precision items are produced for the aviation industry, some of which are visible, such as light disks, and some of which are invisible, such as star holders or clamping blocks. These are used to hold various cables behind the cladding. We also produce caps for closing hydraulic pipes in various sizes.


Please ask us about your product with your desired plastic.



In the context of sustainability, renewability and waste avoidance or reduction, bioplastics are playing an increasingly important role in modern society. Polymeric materials that can be obtained from renewable raw materials such as starch, sugar or lactose are generally referred to as bioplastics.


In our production, we process bioplastics with a bio-based carbon content of up to 95%. They consist of bio-ethanol, which is obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet. This makes these plastics ideal for the manufacture of sustainable products, including for the food industry. For example, we use organic PE to produce a soap container and a shaker for everyday use.


We also produce a portfolio of sustainable reusable products for our customers. For this, our experts work with a PP that is particularly suitable for use in the food sector. In addition to a long product life cycle, aspects such as dishwasher suitability and food suitability also play a major role here.